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TEEK - Two Piece Color Strips High Waist Shorts Bikini

TEEK - Two Piece Color Strips High Waist Shorts Bikini

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This bikini is made of a blend of cotton and polyester, offering a slight stretch and woven fabric for a comfortable fit. The high waist shorts feature a patchwork pattern, with a fitted, skinny silhouette and no added decorations. Designed for women, the fabric is composed of 71%-80% synthetic fiber and has a square collar and elastic waist for easy wear. The sleeveless design and pullover closure make for a stylish and convenient swimsuit. Delivery is estimated to take 14-18 days.

Size Chart (in):

S: 26in Bust, 10in Length
M: 28in Bust, 10in Length
L: 29in Bust, 10in Length
XL: 31in Bust, 11in Length
XXL: 33in Bust, 11in Length
S: 24in Waist, 5-10in Length
M: 25in Waist, 6-10in Length
L: 27in Waist, 6-11in Length
XL: 28in Waist, 6-11in Length
XXL: 30in Waist, 7-11in Length 
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