Política de envío

Expedited Shipping is absolutely NON-REFUNDABLE.

Where "Expedited" Shipping is selected instead of standard, the cost of expedited shipping is separate from the cost of any product or service provided by TEEK and the fee is NONREFUNDABLE. The expedited/express cost is paid to the 3rd party express shipping company and covers the service to expedite the package only. The fee covers the service provided by the carrier business.

Shipping cost is automatically calculated during checkout based on the buyer's shipping address. The total shipping cost is determined by overall weight and dimensions of all items ordered within an order, along with the shipping service and any applicable international custom fees. The utilized carriers include USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and/or official postal services of other international countries necessary for transport of product(s).

For TEEK Owned Inventory::
$8.50 Priority USPS, Orders of $50+ ship for FREE!
Only inventory items including the words "TEEK DIRECT" in the product description/title found in the TEEK Direct Collection, are handled by us. We obtain and provide tracking number(s) and shipping information for these items from our direct shipping. Our TEEK DIRECT inventory is only available to ship within the USA for now. TEEK DIRECT items are shipped out of metro Atlanta, GA within 1-2 days of purchase and can be expected at USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground speeds. These items typically arrive the fastest with a maximum of one week.

Non-TEEK Direct/3rd Party Inventory:
Additional shipping* cost are not added for these items and will post as "free" at checkout. *If a shipping cost is present, the cart has an item from TEEK Direct (refer to paragraph above).
All other items listed on our site (without the words "TEEK Direct" in the description title) are currently provided via Dropshipping by a 3rd party. These items' inventory and shipping are managed by a 3rd party, Shopify-approved inventory service not owned by TEEK. We provide the customer with shipping/tracking information provided to us by the vendor. We consistently check for updates for these orders and try to accommodate our customer inquiries to the best of our ability. Delivery of these items can take up to 30-50 days maximum. Most items have shorter delivery times which the approximate times are listed on the product pages. 
Most international packages do not show progress until the local domestic carrier receives it after passing customs. The assigned tracking number may say something like "label generated, carrier is awaiting package or (rarely) "not found." The tracking will update once the domestic carrier receives in within the United States. TEEK can check with the manufacturer on most shipments to share missing progress with you prior to domestic arrival, if needed.
We are not responsible for errors made by the shipping carrier, such as delayed items, damages, or lost packages. We are not responsible for delays in shipping due to acts of God that are out of our control, such as epic snowstorms, natural disasters, or any other extraordinary circumstance that causes unforeseen interference with carrier routes. Unfortunately, we have no control over a shipment once a package departs the facilities and tracking shows package is received by carrier. If there are any issues with delivery for reasons out of our control (address provided to us is not accurate, issues within the shipping company, etc.) we are not responsible for shipping issues. We recommend customers follow the order's tracking number provided via email or SMS to notice any mishaps in transit as soon as possible. For drop-shipped items, we may contact manufacture to request options for returned or lost shipments only if the tracking information confirms the stated issue. When tracking states the shipment was "delivered" and address matches the address provided by the customer at checkout, TEEK will not pursue additional steps as we are not responsible for shipment.
Weather, politics, legalities and other postal effected issues can possibly effect or delay the expected delivery date of a carrier and is out of our control. We will work to inform customers of any major issues and offer options when available.
Thank you for your support!