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TEEK - Tallulah Skye Super HIgh RIse Straight Side Panel Jeans

TEEK - Tallulah Skye Super HIgh RIse Straight Side Panel Jeans

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The "Super High Rise Straight with Side Blocking Panel Jeans" redefine denim fashion with a contemporary edge. Featuring an ultra-high rise waist, they create a flattering and on-trend silhouette while ensuring comfort. The side blocking panel adds a unique and stylish element, making these jeans a standout choice for those who want to make a fashion statement with a touch of modern flair, perfect for various occasions. Model is 5' 9'' Wearing size 26.

Make a statement with these Super High Rise Straight Jeans featuring a stylish Solid Print and an eye-catching Blocking Panel. The Straight Fit is perfect for a casual look, and the Long Length adds a touch of elegance. Crafted from 100% cotton, with a non-stretch and non-sheer fabric, these jeans are both comfortable and fashionable. Button closure adds a classic touch, while the lack of lining keeps the design clean and simple. Delivery in 5-10 days.

Size Measurement (inch):
24: 24.0 (Waist), - (Hips), 26.5 (Inseam), 36.5 (Length)
25: 25.0 (Waist), - (Hips), 27.0 (Inseam), 37.0 (Length)
26: 26.0 (Waist), - (Hips), 27.5 (Inseam), 37.5 (Length)
27: 27.0 (Waist), - (Hips), 28.0 (Inseam), 38.0 (Length)
28: 28.0 (Waist), - (Hips), 28.5 (Inseam), 38.5 (Length)
29: 29.0 (Waist), - (Hips), 29.0 (Inseam), 39.0 (Length)
30: 30.0 (Waist), - (Hips), 29.5 (Inseam), 39.5 (Length)
31: 31.0 (Waist), - (Hips), 30.0 (Inseam), 40.0 (Length)
32: 32.0 (Waist), - (Hips), 30.5 (Inseam), 40.5 (Length)
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