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TEEK - Animal Sculpture Bust

TEEK - Animal Sculpture Bust

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Our Animal Sculpture Busts are perfect for any animal enthusiast. Crafted from high-quality resin, these busts are exquisitely detailed and range in size from 8-21 cm. They come in 12 unique styles, including a shark, lion head, orangutan, owl, dinosaur head, elephant, eagle, dog, snake, yellow lizard, frog, and green lizard. Enjoy your favorite animals in your home with these amazing sculptures that will last for years.

Delivery time is 25-30 days.

Shark size 19*12*7, weight 265 grams
Lion head size: 16*8*15 weight 400 grams
Orangutan size 16*14.5*8 weight 433 grams
Owl size 20*12.5*6.5 weight 247 grams
Dinosaur head size 15*15*9 weight 564 grams,
Elephant size 8*8*11 weight 151 grams
Eagle size 16*13*13 weight 353 grams
Dog size 15*15*9 weight 362 grams,
Snake size 17*12*12 weight 413 grams
Yellow lizard size 17*14*6 weight 375 grams
Frog size 16.5*10*12 weight 307 grams
Green lizard size 21*21*12 weight 294 grams

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