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TEEK - Black Nomad Pants

TEEK - Black Nomad Pants

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Black Nomad Pants have been designed for an active lifestyle with a focus on sustainability. Crafted from organic cotton, the pants offer a perfect fit for yoga, move and dance. These lightweight pants are made to keep up with your every will accompany you all day long with its light and breathable texture.

Waist 60 - 68 cm. / (23.62" 26.77")
Length 100 cm. / (39.37")

Waist 68 - 72 cm. / (28.34" 31.49")
Length 100 cm. / (39.37")

Maximize your comfort in style with our TEEK Nomad Pants. Crafted from 100% cotton for breathability and durability, these pants feature a free-tie waistband for an adjustable fit. Perfect for work, travel, or leisure, the TEEK Nomad Pants come with free delivery in 10-15 days.

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