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TEEK - Handmade Heart Wood Rattan Straw Purse

TEEK - Handmade Heart Wood Rattan Straw Purse

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This handmade heart wood rattan straw purse is a luxurious and statement-making accessory. Crafted from strong bamboo materials, it's lined in chic velvet for exquisite style. With a size of 18.5L * 9W * 16H cm and a chain length of 60 cm, it is sure to make an impact. With a net weight of 0.5 kg and a Hasp closure, it offers durability and security. Enjoy this captivating piece in your wardrobe with a 24-28-day delivery.

 * Unique Handicrafts: The products are made of real natural bamboo roots which vary like human beings. Some bamboo roots grow thicker. Some grow darker. Some have more joints. Some have more spots. Some have small cracks...... Unlike plastic or leather products, they are not copied all the same by machine. Each one is different. Each one has its own features. The one you have is the only one in the world!

 * Difference: Since the material is real natural bamboo roots which are different from each one and the color is hand burnt by fire, there is always difference for the colors, thickness and details on bamboo. 

* There may be small cracks on the thick bamboo roots. They are bamboo roots natural features and it is hard to control.

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