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TEEK - LCD Automatic Air Spin Hair Curler

TEEK - LCD Automatic Air Spin Hair Curler

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Power: 50W

Equipment Introduction:

This luxurious automatic curler is made by a professional team, with balanced heating, no damage to hair, anti-perm, no hair pulling, automatic, simple operation, easy to iron out natural waves, soft roll hairstyles. Through the system to set the temperature, time, direction. Curly hair is free from now on. This automatic curler is popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. It is a beauty - loving woman must hair artifact.

Characteristics of the Equipment:

1. Surface piano painting technology, noble and elegant.

2. Automatic hair absorption design, advanced heating element, no damage to hair quality.

3. Computer LIQUID crystal display, clear setting of time, temperature and direction.

4. The time can be set for 8-15 seconds, and the crimping effect can be set to different degrees.

5. The temperature can be set from 140℃ to 230 ℃. It is suitable for the thickness of varieties, soft and hard hair.

6. Fast heating system, perm without long waiting time.

7. Can set the crimp direction, can be inside the volume, outside the volume, alternate volume;· Anti-scald, anti-shock, anti-tangling, anti-pull hair design, safe to use;· Automatic shutdown without operation for 60 minutes, instant heating, high efficiency and energy saving

8. Adopt imported high-efficiency brushless DC motor, stable and quiet and long service life:360° rotating power supply tail line, making self-directed curl more convenient and comfortable

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